Imagery of Norm Ford
Michelle Leanne with a  Gerbera Flower at Nambucca

Imagery of Norm Ford

Started my engineering training in 1961, in the RAAF in Instruments & Avionics, then in 1971 retrained as a photographer, mainly with 5x4" Linhofs, B&W sheet film, taught how to develop to a given "gamma", then out on a unit where my main photo assignments were: studio shots of defect components that were included with Engineering Defect Reports, Public Relations, Parades, Funerals as well as aerial and associated Darkroom Duties.


Just ask!
Now my main interests are B&W with variations. I like a lot of mid tones but you'll see some "Tone Drop-Outs as well.

There are a lot of ABSTRACT CRAZY COLOUR GALLERIES as well, to make some unique differences.
Ever seen a purple dump truck?
Flowers with strange & weird colours?

So if you're stuck with a blank Wall either at home or office go have a look. I'll even do some custom colour schemes and even Wall Murals for you. These will be printed locally and the postage will be cheaper than US Rates.

Any clients in Australia, email your orders direct to me.
I'll come back with a quote including GST, Postage (In a Mailing Tube) or phone me on
[614]03 935 238. (Local is 0403 935 238)
Good hunting!
Any queries? Give us a yell!

Collection of Images by Norm Ford

Collection of Images by Norm Ford